Intelligent IPL Hair Removal

by Chloe Beveridge

• 30 April 2018

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s time to revisit your hair removal and skincare routine. In the past, this meant hours of perfectly-timed waxing sessions, regular top-ups and emergency shaving before a holiday or special event. Thankfully, our latest SmoothSkin Muse device takes the stress out of hair removal, treating your legs, bikini line, underarms and face in just 20 minutes to give you silky-smooth skin for longer.

Intelligent IPL Hair Removal

The Technology

SmoothSkin are renowned for their use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) across their product range. Light energy gradually transfers through the skin’s surface, targeting the melanin within the hair shaft. This stunts the hair’s natural cycle, effectively disabling each hair follicle to stunt its growth.

SmoothSkin Muse takes this concept one step further with intelligent IPL technology, scanning your skin before each flash to select the light intensity best suited to your unique skin tone. The powerful technology provides a bespoke and personalised treatment to make sure you’re always getting the safest and most powerful treatment possible.

As with all IPL devices on the market, once you’ve completed your initial treatment cycle, you’ll need to continue with regular top-up treatments to keep your skin hair-free. The SmoothSkin Muse offers an extra power burst to kick regrowth to the curb, meaning you can go longer between sessions.

The Treatment

  1. Prep your skin across the treatment area by making sure it’s completely hair free. For best results, we recommend shaving, although you can also wax or epilate. Ensure that the skin is completely clean and dry before beginning your SmoothSkin Muse treatment.
  2. Power on the device by pressing the standby/ready button once. The light will change from blue to white, indicating that the device is ready to use.
  3. Press the handset firmly against the treatment area. The indicators around the activation button will illuminate in white when the device is ready to flash. Press the activation button to trigger the flash, delivering a warming sensation to your skin’s surface.
  4. Use the Stamp Method to re-position the treatment window for your next flash or use the Glide Method to treat larger areas such as the legs.
  5. Switch off your device following your treatment, unplugging from the electrical outlet.

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