Our top discreet sex toys

by Carly Hibbins

• 20 September 2021

We totally get wanting a discreet vibrator. A loud, buzzing sound can be a dead giveaway. Or maybe a large form factor is a turn-off for couple play? What about tiny little toys you can pack on holiday? We know you may not want to advertise your extracurricular activities in the bag check or security line.

Not to worry! We think sex toys are great for your health, so you should try to find one that works for you - even if it’s discreet. We’ve shopped our catalogue of silent and hidden vibrators to find a selection that makes nearly no noise at all.


What is a discreet sex toy?

A discreet sex toy could mean anything little or quiet. Think small sex toys and finger vibrators. Or clever dual vibes that use advanced tech to remain quiet. Or maybe secret vibrators that have advanced features to turn them off when they lose contact with your skin. Perhaps they’re just air-based or sonic based so make nearly no noise at all anyway. From our range of secret sex toys, we’ve chosen these as our top discreet pleasure players:

1. LELO Enigma

2. Lora DiCarlo Filare

3. Womanizer LIBERTY

4. Dame Fin

5. Smile Makers The Firefighter

LELO Enigma

G-spot and clitoral massager with silent mode

Need some quiet exploration? The LELO Enigma has a silent running mode for quiet fun. Plus, as a sonic-based clit stimulator, it’s already much quieter than a standard vibe. Use it anywhere, even in the shower. It’s 100% waterproof. Enjoy 8 strength settings including the famed silent mode.

Lora DiCarlo Filare 

Finger-like quiet clitoral massager

Forget the buzzing. The Lora DiCarlo Filare is a gentle stroking companion that’s palm-sized, easy to conceal and very quiet. It has two little nubs that poke out of a soft silicone sleeve to gently rub your clitoris like a lover’s caress. Try out 3 discreet stimulation modes across 10 intensity settings.

Womanizer LIBERTY 

Naturally silent air-based clitoral stimulator

The Womanizer LIBERTY has smart Pleasure Air Technology that uses small puffs of air to stroke your clitoris, totally hands-free. It - and its planet loving sister - are naturally quiet and don’t require strong vibrating motors to deliver pleasure. Choose the right mouth to create a seal, then try the 6 intensity levels for bone-shattering discreet orgasms.

Dame Fin

Small, finger vibrator

Great to introduce discreet sex toys into the bedroom, the Dame Fin fits easily over your finger to offer unisex vibrating pleasure for you or your partner. Try all 3 intensity levels for customised fun that can really spice things up alone or together. It’s body-safe for use anywhere you like.

SmileMakers The Firefighter 

Flame-shaped vulva vibrator


This secret vibrator doesn’t really look like one at all. But it’s cleverly designed to encompass your whole clitoris and labia for insanely powerful orgasms. It’s nearly silent even across the more powerful of its 2 pulsation modes and 4 speeds. Take it in the shower or tub too; it’s totally waterproof.

Spoiled for choice? Let our team of Beauty Device Experts help you find the perfect discreet sex toy for your needs.

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