The Difference Between a NuFACE and a Refreshed NuFACE

by Amy Nicholson

• 01 February 2019

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We are always getting asked, "What's the difference a NuFACE and a Refreshed NuFACE?" So we thought we would clear it up for you.

What's the Difference Between a NuFACE and a Refreshed NuFACE

The Refreshed devices have been re-packaged by NuFACE. A NuFACE refreshed device is exactly the same as a new device but just a little cheaper. You will receive all the same contents in brand new packaging - a quick start guide, gel primer and user manual to go alongside your Refreshed NuFACE Trinity or NuFACE Mini.

You may find a very slight cosmetic imperfection much like a display product in a store, but in many cases, this won’t even be visible. However, the device is fully functioning and comes with the charger and 2oz primer.

A cheaper alternative to a brand new NuFACE Trinity or Mini, a refreshed device is a great way to get into the world of microcurrent with a fantastic cost saving. The Refreshed device is not included under the 90 day money back guarantee and only has a 6 month warranty, whereas the NuFACE does have the 90 day money back guarantee.

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