Hayo'u Summer Face and Body Gift Set

Get summer-ready with gua sha

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    Wat je moet weten

    • All-in-one skincare ritual based on Chinese medicine
    • Contour, de-wrinkle, nourish, lift, banish cellulite and depuff with gua sha massage
    • Includes accompanying body oil and face oil for improved results
    • Keep your hair out of the way with the included headband
    • Store this gua sha gift set in its compact travel case
    • Use daily for a healing gua sha massage anywhere

    2 Year Warranty Official Hayo'u Retailer

    Product overzicht

    Gua sha is a type of lymphatic drainage massage that uses pressure points to help remove waste fluids from the body and improve circulation. As a result, it has an instant firming and plumping effect on the face and body.

    Jade is the traditional material for the gua sha stone in Chinese medicine and the Hayo'u Summer Face and Body Gift Set includes the Hayo'u Jade Beauty Restorer for facial massage and the Hayo'u Jade Body Comb gua sha tool for body massage.

    Use them each day for a few minutes with the included oils for a rejuvenating ritual that supports better circulation, reduces cellulite, fights puffiness and nourishes your skin.

    Wat krijg je...

    • Hayo’u Jade Beauty Restorer
    • Hayo’u Jade Body Comb
    • Hayo’u 15ml Beauty Oil
    • Hayo’u 15ml Body Oil
    • Hayo’u Headband
    • Hayo’u Pouch

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    Why it works

    Stroking movements with gentle pressure encourage local blood flow. When combined with pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage, gua sha helps you clear out toxins and firm your skin. Over time the Hayo'u Summer Face and Body Gift Set gua sha tools will help you to reveal a firmer, more-youthful complexion.

    The Hayo'u Jade Beauty Restorer targets eye bags, fine lines, sagging skin and wrinkles while the Hayo'u Jade Body Comb improves body circulation and fights cellulite and sagging skin.

    Use daily with the Hayo'u Beauty Oil and Hayo'u Body Oil to complement your gua sha session with uplifting lotus flower, frankincense and ylang ylang.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Secure your hair with the Hayo'u headband and apply the Hayo'u Beauty Oil to your face.

    Step 2: Using the Hayo'u Beauty Restorer, press and hold to release puffiness then stroke in upward motions on the face contours and downward motions on the neck. Finish with gentle acupressure around the eyes, forehead, cheek and chin.

    Step 3: Repeat for both sides; about 8 times per movement.

    Step 4: Slide on the body oil and use the Hayo'u Jade Body Comb in firm downward strokes on the back of the arms, belly from sides in and thighs from waist down.

    Step 5: Repeat for both sides; about 8 times per movement.

    Step 6: Wash the stones with water and store everything in your Hayo'u Pouch. Repeat daily.

    make it personal

    How you practice gua sha is up to you. Hayo'u provides a variety of rituals for morning and night to help with circulation, inflammation, cellulite and more. Use the body comb with the body oil or alone over clothes.

    Take your Hayo'u Summer Face and Body Gift Set with you anywhere for a quick 2-5 minute gua sha facial or body massage anywhere.

    Notice instant firming results and reduced fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite and water retention over time with daily use.

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