Mason Pearson Universal Military Hairbrush

Perfect for thick hair

Mason Pearson Universal Military Hairbrush

Perfect for thick hair

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  • Designed especially for thick hair
  • 7 rings of nylon tufts stimulates blood flow
  • Density of the bristles allows essential oils to be spread to the ends of the hair
  • Handheld design makes for easy brushing
  • Made to last
  • Keeps hair healthy

Over 500 thousand Mason Pearson products sold worldwide Official Mason Pearson Retailer
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Crafted using Mason Pearson's established techniques and finished by hand, this luxurious hair brush has been made to ensure the best possible results for daily brushing.

The brush's unique rubber cushion pad has been designed to be kind on the hair and scalp. By allowing air to flow through a special hole it helps the brush to massage the scalp and brush more effectively.

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  • Mason Pearson Universal Military Hairbrush
  • Cleaning Brush

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A Timeless Classic


This brush is perfect for you if you have thick or wiry hair, due to the nylon tufts.

It’s an ideal on-the-go size to pop in your handbag or gym bag and has a great grip, without the traditional handle.

This brush comes with its own cleaning brush to care for the bristles and the pad.









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