A truly unique, luxurious haircare treatment

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    Wat je moet weten

    • A world-first haircare applicator device
    • 3.5x increase in fine-film coverage with Ultrasonic Diffusion
    • 2.4x superior ingredient performance with Magnetic Misting
    • Hair is rejuvenated in just 30 seconds
    • Rechargeable and fully waterproof
    • Designed to be used with RÉDUIT Smart Hairpods

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    Experience a luxurious haircare treatment like never before, as this world-first haircare applicator device delivers an ultra-concentrated treatment in just 30 seconds.

    Using micro technologies, the device instantly rejuvenates your hair with the ultra-precise delivery of potent ingredients. Treatments are delivered 38 times more effectively than traditional topical solutions, thanks to super-fine Magnetic Misting technology, delivering particles 50 times smaller than traditional products.

    Designed to be used with the brand’s interchangeable Hairpods, these treatments are packed with the finest quality active ingredients to reveal your best hair yet. The brand has eliminated the need for unnecessary ingredients in their formulas, carefully formulating their products with only the most effective ingredients. The results? Instantly rejuvenated hair, a fuss-free treatment and improved efficacy.

    A concentrated formula means it’s better for the planet too, with less packaging and less waste, plus each of the pods can be recycled too. 

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    • RÉDUIT ONE Device

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    This world-first haircare applicator device harnesses powerful micro technologies, delivering amplified results in a completely fuss-free treatment. Ultrasonic Diffusion enables the perfect amount of formula to reach your hair, using a micro mist technique to amplify the delivery of ingredients.

    The absorption of these ingredients is enhanced by the device’s Magnetic Misting technology. This works by creating varying magnetic fields, reducing the particle size to 50 times smaller than traditional products, which are then instantly absorbed beneath the hair’s surface.

    When the product is released from the device, it also releases Sonic Pulsations that help to ensure the formula is evenly distributed throughout the hair. This not only helps to increase the rate of absorption, but also the efficacy of the spray. The treatment is absorbed 38 times better than a traditional product, while also generating 20 times less waste than a normal 100-200ml bottle.


    With RÉDUIT One’s efficient misting technologies, the product is distributed more evenly across the hair than traditional bottle products. The smart Hairpods that are used with the device are 5ml in size, but deliver the same number of applications as a standard 100-200ml bottle. The difference is that there’s no wasted product or ingredients, with the RÉDUIT One delivering treatments 38 times more effectively than traditional products.

    Each pod contains approximately 20 applications when using the device for the recommended 15-30 second treatment time.

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