SQOOM deSpot Whitening Starter Set

Revolutionary skincare

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    Wat je moet weten

    • Creates a luxurious experience
    • Maximises the benefit of your anti-ageing skincare
    • Comes complete with a cleanser and serum
    • Leaves skin feeling soothed and hydrated
    • Improves the tone and appearance of your skin
    • Boosts absorption of skincare and topicals

    2 year warranty Official SQOOM Retailer

    Product overzicht

    SQOOM is specifically designed to be used with its gels and serums.

    SQOOM's vibrations cause the skin channels and intercellular spaces to open briefly and because SQOOM is designed to be used with its specialised skincare formulas, this means you get the maximum benefit of its ingredients as they are better absorbed in to the skin.

    Wat krijg je...

    • SQOOM Anti-Ageing Device
    • 3 SQOOM xCential deSpot Serum 50ml
    • 2 SQOOM xCential Cleanser Serum 50ml

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