Therabody SmartGoggles

Smart eye mask for sleep, stress and wellbeing

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    Wat je moet weten

    • Three modalities: Vibration, massage & heat
    • Lowers your heart rate to reduce stress & anxiety
    • Soothes headaches and relieves eye strain
    • Travel-friendly portable & foldable design
    • Pairs via Bluetooth to TheraMind sound therapy
    • Up to 150 minutes of relaxation on one charge

    2 Year Warranty Offizieller Therabody Händler

    Product overzicht

    Staring at a screen all day can have detrimental effects on our health – from tension headaches and eye strain, to stress and anxiety. And not to mention the struggles most of us face switching off at the end of the day. But as soon as you slip on the Therabody SmartGoggles, feel it all melt away.

    The brand's clever SmartSense Technology™ uses biometric data to customise your treatments to you, lowering your heart rate to ignite a sense of deep relaxation. Along with three treatment modes – vibration, massage and heat – this smart eye mask also soothes headaches, relieves eye strain and improves your sleep.

    The Therabody SmartGoggles also feature TheraMind – the brand's science-backed audio experience. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the soothing musical notes which invite a sense of calm, while boosting your physical wellbeing too. Use every day to take care of your body and mind, or reach for the Therabody SmartGoggles whenever you want to ease headaches, dry eyes or symptoms of anxiety.

    Wat krijg je...

    • Therabody SmartGoggles Device
    • Soft Protective Case
    • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable

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    Powered by the brand's exclusive SmartSense Technology™, the Therabody SmartGoogles work to relieve headaches and eye strain, as well as soothe symptoms of stress and anxiety. This science-backed technology uses biometric data to customise your experience to you.

    With its built-in heart rate sensor, the eye mask lowers your heart rate to send you into a relaxed state – improving your sleep and mental wellbeing. Plus, with three modalities – air massage, vibration and heat – the device helps to relax your eyes and face, easing mental stress and tension headaches.

    There are three modes to choose from too – SmartRelax, Focus and Sleep. SmartRelax gently massages your eye area with vibrations that mimic your heart rate – designed to quickly send you into deep relaxation. The Focus mode combines vibration and heat to ease tension between the eyebrows, while the Sleep mode massages the temples and delivers slow-wave vibrations to promote sleepiness.


    Step 1: Make sure your skin is free from any creams, serums and makeup. And remove glasses and contact lenses.

    Step 2: Place the Therabody SmartGoggles on your head, and adjust the strap to fit your head.

    Step 3: Make sure the heart rate sensor is in contact with your cheekbone.

    Step 4: Long press the power button to turn the device on.

    Step 5: Short press the power button to toggle through the different modes.

    Step 6: Power off the Therabody SmartGoggles by long pressing the power button once finished.

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    Key Features:

    SmartSense Technology™ powers SmartRelax mode to physically lower your heart rate and help reduce stress and anxiety

    Multiple modalities: vibration, massage, and heat

    3 customizable modes: Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep

    Portable, foldable design for relaxation wherever you go

    Bluetooth-enabled with TheraMind — a multisensory sound therapy experience in the Therabody app, exclusively for your SmartGoggles routine

    150-minute battery life, depending on mode


    95 mm across when folded

    210 mm x 120 mm when in use

    Weight - 420 g

    Size - One size fits all

    Battery Life - 150 minutes depending on the mode

    Material - Front and Interior panels: Protein leather fabric

    Strap: Cotton fabric

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