Customer Choice Awards 2021: The Smart Cleanser

by Lucy Acton

• 29 March 2021

In our new Customer Choice Awards 2021, we’ll be celebrating some of our best-loved products and the customer story behind them. From most-reviewed to can’t-live-without devices, we’ll be hearing from real CURRENTBODY customers about their favourite products, and how their lives have been transformed after using them.

As the exclusive global retailer of Clarisonic, it’s no surprise that their revolutionary 3-in-1 cleansing device - the Mia Smart - is one of our bestsellers. Here, we spoke to one of our customers, Megan, about why she loves the device.

“Lockdown has really affected my skin.”

Dry skin, acne, redness - if you’ve noticed your skin change during lockdown, then you’re not alone. In fact, Lockdown Skin is a real thing that many of us are struggling with including CURRENTBODY customer, Megan. “I’ve been working at home since March 2020 and the change in my skin has been huge. Someone told me it could be the central heating drying it out, but I also think it’s because I’ve not been getting as much fresh air. Either way, lockdown has really affected my skin.”

“I try to have at least one no-makeup day every week. On these days, I began to notice that my skin was needing a lot more products to look nice. Soon after, my makeup started to sit horribly and it was really getting me down.”

“Clarisonic has changed my routine, for the better.”

Eager to get her skin back to how it was pre-lockdown, Megan began searching for tried-and-tested beauty products that would give her a helping hand. That’s when she decided to invest in the Clarisonic Mia Smart.

The award-winning, anti-ageing and cleansing skincare device cleverly connects to an app on your phone to create personalised skincare routines for a variety of concerns. “I’d had my eye on the Clarisonic Mia Smart for ages so when my skin needed a little TLC, I knew it would be just the thing.”

“I love the fact you can personalise the routines via the app and use different brush heads. Some days, I choose a deep cleanse, whereas other days I might just fancy a massage. Using the app also ensures my face gets a complete cleanse as it guides you through the targeted areas and tells you when to move on. It’s completely changed my routine, for the better.”

“I feel more confident without makeup now.”

The Clarisonic Mia Smart is 6x more effective than manually cleansing and also improves the absorption of additional skincare products. As well as this it minimises the appearance of pores, prevents blemishes, exfoliates, firms the skin and reduces any puffiness.

“I can’t imagine my skincare routine without my Clarisonic now. My skin naturally glows, I feel more confident without makeup and, when I do wear it, it glides on. A colleague even mentioned that my skin looked good when I didn’t have any on recently - which is a first!”

Looking to transform your skincare routine? Shop the Clarisonic Mia Smart and give your skin the attention it deserves.

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