Introducing ZIIP's brand new treatment: Lymph & Lift

by Aga Childs

• 04 February 2020

If you thought the ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device couldn’t get any better, then you were wrong. The brand that has been a pioneer in the beauty device industry, with its sophisticated technology and app connectivity, has now launched a 9th treatment program. Let us introduce you to the ‘Lymph & Lift’ program, a stimulating treatment that works to drain your lymphatic system and visibly lift your face.


What is your lymphatic system and why would I need to drain it?

Well, your lymphatic system is a huge part of your immune system, it works to aid the fighting of infection and the release of toxins. However, if the lymphatic system in your face is blocked, it can have an effect on acne, cause puffy eyes and cause skin irritations.

Think about how your body feels after a period of heavily consuming sugary and salty foods, you probably feel tired and a little bloated right? Well the same happens to your face, your lymph nodes become full of fluid which causes puffiness and grumpy skin. This is why it’s so important to regularly treat your face to a lymphatic drainage massage. The new Lymph & Lift treatment will do exactly that. 


How do I do it?

As with the other treatments, sync your device to the app and select the new treatment. Firstly, the stimulating program works to clear lymphatic fluids from the skin.

  • Hold the device on the neck and chin areas to start the process.
  • Next, move onto your face and use a gliding motion from the centre of your face outwards, as if you were working to push the lymphatic fluid out. 
  • The program will run for 7 minutes and it is recommended you repeat 2-3 times a week for best results.
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