E-One Clinic Mobile Head

Interchangeable heads for multiple users

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    • Fun colours to personalise your treatment
    • Easy to pop on and off
    • Simple to clean after use
    • Allows for precision and large area hair removal
    • Sits flush against your skin for painless treatment
    • Pop on your head before each E-One treatment every two months

    Over 75¸000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide 2 Year Warranty

    Product overzicht

    The E-One Clinic Mobile Head is a clean, safe and hygienic way to use the E-One Clinic Permanent Hair Removal Device with all members of your household. Each E-One Clinic Mobile Head comes in fun colours so you can designate a tone for each person. That way, every treatment they do with the painless hair removal device is a sterile experience.

    Simply pop on their E-One Clinic Mobile Head, do the IRPL treatment and remove the head for cleaning and storage. You only need 1 treatment every 2 months for silky, smooth skin.

    And with the E-One Clinic Mobile Heads, each member of your family can benefit from that baby-skin feeling. Clean the E-One Clinic Mobile Head with an alcohol wipe between uses to kill surface bacteria.

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    • E-One Clinic Mobile
    • Head Instructions

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    Step 1: Before beginning your IRPL treatment with the E-One, attach your head.

    Step 2: Complete your treatment for permanent hair removal.

    Step 3: Clean your E-One Clinic Mobile Head and store.

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