E-One Clinic Optical Cartridge

Replace your expended E-One cartridge

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    • With 3,000 flashes included
    • With activation card
    • Easy to pop out and replace
    • Continue your painless IRPL hair removal treatments
    • Replace cartridge, resume treatments once every two months

    Over 75¸000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide 2 Year Warranty

    Product overzicht

    While it will probably take you a year to run through all the flashes included with your E-One IRPL Permanent Hair Laser Hair Removal Device, when you do, replacing them is easy. The E-One Clinic Optical Cartridge comes with 3000 flashes for even longer-lasting treatment time.

    Just take off the old cartridge, pop in the new E-One Clinic Optical Cartridge and activate with the card. You'll be up and running in seconds for quick, full-body hair removal treatments you only need to do once every two months.

    Like the core device itself, the E-One Clinic Optical Cartridge is manufactured in France to extremely high standards of safety and quality. So, once you buy a replacement bulb, you know it will last.

    Wat krijg je...

    • E-One Clinic Optical Cartridge with 3,000 flashes
    • Instructions
    • Activation card

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    Step 1: Remove the old cartridge.

    Step 2: Slot in the new cartridge.

    Step 3: Activate with the card.

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