TensCare MamaTENS MyTime Electrode Pads

New Electrode Pads

TensCare MamaTENS MyTime Electrode Pads

New Electrode Pads

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  • Extra-large self-adhesive pads for labour pain relief
  • To be used with the original model MamaTENS MyTime unit
  • Integral leads for additional hygiene
  • Can be used up to 30 times
  • Hypoallergenic, Latex-free
  • Resealable packet to retain freshness

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Not getting the intensity you require or about to welcome the birth of your second child? Then you may need to replace the electrode pads for your TensCare MamaTENS MyTime unit.

The new type electrode pad sare compatible with MamaTENS MyTime units with serial numbers over 5140000 (and with plastic socket connections). Please note, these pads are not compatible with the classic TensCare MamaTENS unit.

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  • TensCare MamaTENS my time Electrode Pads 50 x 100mm (4 pack)

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How it Works

The pads are designed to last approximately 20-30 sessions of 30 minutes, or 4-6 weeks depending on usage.

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