Skin Gym Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift and Contour Beauty Roller

Delivers a stimulating massage

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    Wat je moet weten

    • Maximises the results of your skincare
    • Relieves tension and stress
    • Sculpt and contours your complexion with toning vibrations
    • Delivers over 6000 vibrations a minute
    • Leaves skin glowing
    • Made from natural Rose Quartz

    Over 1,000,000 Skin Gym products sold worldwide Official Skin Gym Retailer

    Product overzicht

    Taking facial rollers to a whole new level with over 6000 vibrations a minute, this facial roller cools and sculpts the complexion with its toning vibrations. Delivering a relaxing facial massage, the roller also helps to maximise the results of your favourite skincare products. It’s perfect for using first thing in the morning to de-puff tired skin, or even in the evening to release any built-up tension.

    Rose Quartz is known for its abilities to ease tension, anxiety and stress while promoting feelings of well being. It feels extra cooling on the skin too to give your complexion the calming boost it needs.

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    • Skin Gym Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift and Contour Beauty Roller

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    Apply your favourite skincare, then use the roller in an outwards motion across the face. Rolling over serums or face masks will increase their absorption. Continue to roll from the centre, outwards until you have rolled across your entire face. Always wipe the roller clean with a dry or moist cloth after each use.

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