Talika Night Quintessence 50ml

Talika Night Quintessence 50ml

Talika Night Quintessence 50ml

Talika Night Quintessence 50ml

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  • Regain a youthful look
  • Acts throughout the night
  • Tightens and regenerates your skin
  • Provides deep moisturising
  • Nourishes and energises over night
  • Reduces wrinkles and blemishes

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Night creams can be beneficial because your skin naturally repairs itself while you sleep.

This is when the metabolic activity of the skin‰۪s cells is at its peak, so using a night cream with beneficial ingredients can enhance the skin‰۪s natural repair process during the night shift.

Night Quintessence is the first night cream by Talika whose anti-aging effects are greatly increased by light.

After 28 days, users reported that they felt their skin is smoother, firmer, more luminous and deeply moisturized.

This product has been dermatalogically tested and is paraben-free.

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Intelligent Formula

An easy to apply overnight serum, the Night Quintessence can create a revitalised, smoother and firmer skin tone whilst you sleep.

Talika has created a treatment formulated with a unique active ingredient, Photo-Youth Repairå¨.

This active ingredient naturally transforms light energy via a ‰ÛÏflash effect‰۝. As a result, light triggers a regenerating chain reaction which continues all night long.

This dynamic helps repair damaged DNA and neutralises free radicals. In addition, it re-energises cells, plumps, nourishes and provides immediate comfort.


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