How to Achieve the Perfect Contour

by Chloe Beveridge

• 08 June 2018

How to Achieve the Perfect Contour

Ah contouring. The scary face paint you see so frequently on the YouTube stars and Kardashian clan. Search ‘contour’ on Instagram and you’ll be hit with 4.7 million posts dedicated to this ever growing beauty trend. But here’s the thing, when it’s done right, it can help enhance the naturally gorgeous features you already have. You don’t have to start dedicating 2 hours to your face every morning and painting your face like a tiger either. Here are our tips on how to achieve the perfect contour every time.


To achieve real contouring and lasting results you need to start from the inside. The NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer is the perfect device to ensure just that. Coined as the ‘5 minute facelift’ this non invasive device seamlessly improves facial contour, skin tone and decreases wrinkles. Sending safe and gentle waves of microcurrents through your skin into the facial muscles, energising them and creating an instant lift. Saving you the hassle of going to a salon for a costly treatment, the NuFace allows you to contour from the comfort of your own home. Tempted? Get your very own NuFace


Now, you may be suitably impressed with the results of your newly, non-surgically lifted face, but for the majority of us, we prefer a little extra coverage when it comes to leaving the house. Enter Clarisonic’s new Foundation Brush Head. The new addition to the Clarisonic family allows you to create the perfect coverage, whilst seamlessly blending your foundation, giving you the perfect base for the rest of your makeup. It even makes covering hard to reach areas a breeze and it couldn’t be easier you use, simply attach the brush to your device, apply foundation to your face, then blend in with your Clarisonic. You’ll be left with beautifully blended foundation in no time (one minute to be precise). What’s more, the brush absorbs significantly less product than other brushes and blenders, meaning you don’t need to replace your foundation as often, winner! You can purchase the Clarisonic Foundation Brush Head here.


For maximum contouring effect, use your Clarisonic brush head to apply a contour cream. We would recommend using a colour no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Remember those tiger stripes we were talking about? Not a good look, so keep it natural. Another top tip is too ensure the contour cream is matte. You’re trying to achieve depth and any bronzer with glitter in will reflect light, so save the shimmer for your highlighter. Gently pat the contour cream under your cheekbones, along your jawline, on your forehead above your temples and on the sides of your nose. Then take your Clarisonic Foundation Brush and start from the middle of your ear, moving towards the corner of your mouth, stopping mid cheek, building up to the desired effect of definition.


Add a subtle glow, by choosing your favourite cream highlighter and again applying with your Clarisonic Foundation Brush Head. Apply above your cheekbones, on your nose and above your eyebrows, for the perfect sunkissed look. If you’re confused about the exact placement, simply smile with your mouth closed and apply on the area of the cheeks that puff up when you do so, then blend above and around your eye.

And voila, you know have a beautiful contoured face, achieved in minutes and perfectly blended.

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