How to Use The ZIIP Beauty Nanocurrent Device

by Chloe Beveridge

• 17 January 2019

how to use ZIIP beauty device

ZIIP’s mission is to strike beyond the boundaries of skincare. As the first-ever app-connected beauty device, they have patented and pioneered the ways in which technology, sophisticated programming, and electrical currents can be incorporated into an at-home tool. It is the nexus of your new routine—a device that is there to meet (almost) every one of your needs.

From beauty editors to A-list celebrities, this much adorned device is transforming the complexions of beauty lovers worldwide. The device’s most famous fan is Kim Kardashian, who recently raved about the device on her much loved app and Huda Kattan (AKA Huda Beauty) who shared the device on her blog. The complexion transforming device has also received accolades from a plethora of world renowned magazines, such as ELLEAllure, VOGUE and Cosmopolitan.

So, just how do you use this futuristic device? Watch below as our resident beauty expert Heather, explains ZIIP and shows you how to set it up.

ZIIP Beauty Treatments

The ZIIP electrical treatments are designed to evolve with you and your skin. Use Energize or Sensitive Energize for an all-encompassing face and neck treatment that lifts and brightens skin, or Instant Gratification to give immediate lift and tone. Total Clearing takes care of acne, Pigment addresses spots, and VitalEyes wakes up the eye area. When you only two minutes to spare, there’s Quick Fix. The treatments are completely unlimited, and you can use them whenever you want, wherever you want.

Find our more about the treatments on offer below to personalise your skincare regime and offer unlimited results:

  • Energise: This rejuvenating and preventative program is for all skin types. It is an all-encompassing facial that firms, tightens, and brightens skin, sculpting the jawline and cheekbones, working on fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing further damage. Recommended 3X/week with a 12-minute treatment time.
  • Sensitive Energise: This rejuvenating and preventative program is for those with ultra-sensitive skin. It is an all-encompassing treatment that uses gentle currents to tighten and brighten skin, while also addressing redness, working on fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing further damage. Recommended 3X/week with a 12-minute treatment time.
  • Instant Gratification: This unique treatment uses deep waveforms that penetrate to the facial muscles to give you an immediate lift and glow. This is an intense treatment designed to quickly enhance and define your bone structure. Use when needed with a 4-minute treatment time.
  • Vital Eyes: Better than a good night’s sleep. This treatment has been designed to decrease puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. It addresses the entire orbital region, starting underneath the eye, and moving to the temples, above your eye crease, and the outer brow. Recommended 3X/week with a 4 minute treatment time.
  • Total Clearing: Use when there’s a pimple coming, you have blackheads, and whiteheads, or all of the above. This unique treatment, which uses negative energy to kill positively-charged bacteria, will reduce and prevent breakouts. Can be used as a spot treatment or on the entire face. Use as needed. Do not exceed more than 1X/24-hour period. Rinse off gel after treatment. 1- to 8-minute treatment time.
  • Pigment Treatment: This treatment works to suppress overactive melanin production and keep your skin tone consistent. For best results, use this treatment every other day. When pigment improves, use once weekly for 1-2 minutes. Can be used as a spot treatment or on the entire face. Recommended 3X/week with a 1- to 6-minute treatment time. Rinse off gel after treatment.
  • Men's Treatment: Energise your skin by eradicating dark circles, tightening pores and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can find all of these treatments within the app and follow along with them as you complete the chosen treatment.

Any questions? Simply get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or comment below.

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