DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE+ Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

New next-gen technology for unclogging pores and infusing skincare

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    • Clinically proven to visibly reduce pore size
    • Boosted Ultrasonic speed and next-gen Ionic technology easily extract dirt, oil and blackheads
    • 100% said skin felt significantly cleaner and smoother
    • 2-in-1 benefits to extract clogged pores and infuse topical skincare
    • For all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin
    • Esthetician-recommended

    2 year warranty Official DERMAFLASH Retailer

    Product overzicht

    No more picking, poking or squeezing. Extractions are gentler, easier and more effective than ever with the new and improved DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE+ Ultrasonic Pore Extractor. New Boosted Ultrasonic power of 35K Hz (the highest speed on the market) removes stubborn clogs with minimal pressure and zero irritation. All new next-gen Ionic technology draws out impurities from deep within pores, while improving skincare absorption. 97% users noticed a significant reduction in pore size along with less oily skin.

    The new DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE+ PREP MIST optimizes your results from every DERMAPORE+ treatment. PREP MIST has negatively charged ions (-) that work alongside the positively charged ions (+) in the DERMAPORE+ spatula. Together, they act like a magnet to draw out dirt, oil and debris from pores.

    Wat krijg je...

    • DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE+ Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser
    • Protective Cap
    • Device Stand
    • USB Charging Cord

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    Boosted Ultrasonic Vibrations at 35K Hz (the highest speed on the market) unclog pores and remove stubborn blackheads, with minimal pressure and zero irritation. New Ionic Technology draws out impurities from deep within pores while helping to deliver skincare actives deeper into your skin.

    Extract mode: Painlessly removes dirt, oil + blackheads for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion instantly. Use the included PREP MIST to optimize results.

    Infuse mode: Helps increase absorption of skincare products, while boosting circulation with an invigorating micro-massage sensation.


    How to Use

    Step 1: Wet skin with the DERMAFLASH PREP MIST.

    Step 2: Hold skin taut and glide the tip of the spatula over clog-prone areas. Keep fingertips on the silver strip.

    Step 3: Debris will build up, wipe clean before using Infuse mode.

    Step 4: Apply your skincare, then glide the flat part of the spatula over the skin (keeping your fingertips on the silver strip).

    Step 5: Pat in excess product and wipe the spatula clean.

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