Introducing MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask

by Amy Nicholson

• 22 February 2019

Featured in Vogue as one of the innovative beauty products at the moment, the MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device transforms the skin using LED technology and is now available at CurrentBody.

Introducing MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask

Founded by Oculoplastic Surgeon and leading facial aesthetics doctor, Dr. Maryam Zamani, she believes that “a beautiful complexion starts with a consistent, daily skincare routine - less is more.” After treating female skin all over the world for many years, Dr Zamani found that creating and maintaining an effective skincare routine was not always easy. ”I conceived MZ Skin as a doctor-led brand made for women by a woman. For me, anti-ageing skincare is about revealing, enhancing and protecting. That’s why after many years of medical practice, I decided to establish my own brand and create MZ Skin.”

The device contains red, blue, green, yellow and white LED light, so whether you’re looking to treat acne-prone skin, combat the signs of ageing or treat hyperpigmentation, you can do it all with this one innovative device.

Read on to discover how the MZ Skin Mask works and it's benefits.

Introducing MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask

How does the MZ Skin Mask work?

The device contains Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White Lights, all which different skincare concerns.

Red Light: Stimulates the production of the skin’s ‘youthful’ cells, Collagen and Elastin, so is perfect if you’re looking to treat the signs of ageing. It can also help with signs of inflammation.

Blue Light: Ideal for treating acne-prone skin, Blue Light balances and clarifies the skin, killing the bacteria that causes acne.

Green Light: This calms the skin. It’s perfect for dealing with pigmentation such as age spots and reducing the appearance of broken capillaries.

Yellow Light: This is the one for treating sensitive skin. It boosts circulation and lymphatic flow (drains toxins) as well as soothing and comforting the skin.

White Light: Otherwise known as Infrared Light, this treatment penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to promote healing and skin repair.

How do you use the MZ Skin Mask?

1. Before you use the MZ Skin Mask, ensure your face is cleansed and free from any product.
2. Place Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device across face and gradually increase usage from 10 to 30 mins, 2-3 times per week.
3. Smooth your favourite serum and moisturise over your face, neck, and décolleté for a finishing touch.

Watch below to find out more:

Is the MZ Skin Mask safe for eyes and skin?

Light therapy is proven to be safe on skin and is UV free. The MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask does not emit harmful, hot UV wavelengths of light. The red and blue lights that make up the core of the mask’s technology are considered safe and delivers controlled doses. In fact, light therapy has been used by dermatologists for over a decade and is a clinically proven technology.

There is a protective rubber shield, that covers your eyes from the light whilst the mask in on.

Introducing MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask

I can't afford the MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask what should I use?

Looking for a more affordable solution to the Light Therapy Mask, but still looking for refreshed glowing skin? Then look no further than the MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Masks, the perfect pre-night out or if you’d like to do a pamper session at home.

Containing tiny pure gold particles, delivered to the skin through the mask’s nano-technology, the formula penetrates deep into the skin’s basal layer - delivering intense moisturisation, sun damage repair and visibly brighter, more radiant skin. Unlike other face masks, it’s split into two sections meaning it can fully fit into the contours of the face which enhances its effectiveness.

Packed with super-luxe skin rejuvenating ingredients such as Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Collagen which transform dull, dried-out skin into a radiantly glowing complexion.

How do you use the Golden Facial Mask?

1. Press the mask onto the face, fitting both sections so they are comfortable.

2. Leave on for 20 minutes, gently massaging to enhance the absorption into the skin. Remove and remove excess with warm water.

3. For best results, use twice a week and place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes to add an extra cooling effect.

What do the press think?

“Whether you want to stimulate collagen production, enhance cell renewal or brighten skin prone to hyperpigmentation the LED device is a worthy investment.” - Vogue

“An at-home favourite. The mask has five options of LED lights to choose from, each with a different treatment for the skin.” The Sunday Times Style

“The Hydra Bright Golden Facial Treatment Mask is a two piece golden jelly mask that fits snugly across the entire face. Results are a definite brightening and firming effect with the nano gold particles in particular aiding to your newly radiant complexion.” - The Independent

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