Radio Frequency Skincare Explained

by Amy Nicholson

• 19 February 2019

If Jennifer Aniston credits Radio Frequency facials with keeping her skin "lifted",  then you know they must be good, as she looks fabulous at 50. Radio Frequency facials have been proven to soften fine lines while firming the facial contours – both immediately and over time. Skincare expert Abigail James, skincare expert explains that if microdermabrasion is "the skin smoother" of the facial world, you can consider Radio Frequency "the contour refiner".

With so many home-use beauty devices available it can seem like a minefield when it comes to hosing one. Here we explain how Radio Frequency works and the tools you can use at home to achieve skin like Jen.

How does Radio Frequency work?

Radio Frequency is all about stimulating your own collagen production. During a treatment the device is used to heat the skin to between 38-40 degrees with Radio Frequency, which feels like a hot stone face massage – you do feel the heat in the skin but it's comfortable. Radio Frequency devices gently stimulate dermal activity and kick-start the natural production of collagen to improve your skin's contours and overall condition. Both the TriPollar Stop and Silk'n Facetite use Radio Frequency to boost collagen production.

Is there any other discomfort or downtime involved?

It takes approximately 20 minutes to treat a whole face with a Radio Frequency device and the only discomfort is some feeling of heat in the skin (which not everyone gets). There is no downtime – you could easily do your treatment at home before a night out and go out that evening looking amazing.

What are the benefits and how long do they last?

You get an immediate tightening of the collagen fibres, so it's great to do before an event, but it also gives a long-lasting lift and increased volume. Radio Frequency also continues to promote collagen production over the four-six week period you complete your treatments in.

Who are Radio Frequency facials best suited to?

For anyone experiencing loss of firmness and dullness in their skin, it's the ideal solution. As well as collagen production, it also boosts oxygen levels in the skin, so it's great for general radiance. It's not recommended for skin with broken capillaries or rosacea.

What do Radio Frequency body treatments involve?

Radio Frequency can be great for treating cellulite, along with firming and contouring the body. For body treatments, a larger head is used on devices, along with higher temperatures so you get something called lipolysis, where fat begins to melt. The TriPollar POSE is designed for Radio Frequency body treatments.

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